Police officers in Canada probably come across all sorts of weird and wonderful objects and items in their line of work. That said, Ontario Provincial Police officers certainly did have a shock on Friday afternoon, when they came across a huge, abandoned shotgun by the side of an Ontario highway!

Via their official Twitter account, which is under the name of Sergeant Kerry Schmidt, Ontario police explained, “Are you missing your shotgun?” Their post went on to explain that a 12 gauge shotgun was found by police in the Whitby area of Highway 401, with no sign of an owner to be seen.

To accompany the post, the OPP shared a video of officers presenting the shotgun in question. They went on to explain that it had been found by police on September 27, after a member of the public advised them that it had been lost from a vehicle on the roadside.

Investigators are now appealing to the Canadian public for any further information about the abandoned shotgun, and are asking the owner to come forward and claim it.

It seems that the OPP weren’t the only ones stumped by the unusual discovery, as a number of Canadians responded to their video to express surprise and confusion that a shotgun could be found simply lying around on the 401.

One Twitter user asked, “HOW is that possible?"

Another added, “What in the HELL? I'm literally American (immigrant to Canada) and even I've never heard of someone losing a gun... Or just tossing a SHOT GUN out on a highway."

Shortly after the police shared the video, several Ontarians responded to give their suggestions as to how the huge shotgun ended up lost at the roadside.

One Twitter user suggested, “This is just a guess, waterfowl hunting, heavy rain started, loaded up atv, but in a rush to get out of the rain, he or she left it on atv racks.”

Another had a similar explanation, “Seems to me its fishing season and the opp has their shocks in the water. Truly it's very irresponsible of the firearms owner that his shotgun could fall from his vehicle whilst driving. I didn’t notice a trigger lock on it either.”

At the end of the video, OPP officers ask anyone who was in the Whitby area of the 401 Highway (westbound) on Friday and who may have seen anything, to come forward.

They close the clip by saying they simply want to find the owner to reunite them with their missing shotgun! 

If you have any information you can contact the Ontario Provincial Police here

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