The first of December didn't come quietly into Ontario. In fact, it hit the province with a nasty blast of freezing rain, strong winds, ice pellets, and snow. Things have even gotten so bad during Southern Ontario's ice storm that most of the province is stuck inside.

Due to the unfortunate weather, road conditions are rough. Drivers are being urged to avoid unnecessary travel and to proceed with caution when they are on the roads.

While it's definitely not enjoyed, The Weather Network has been warning about this winter storm since last week, when they reported that the GTA could expect between 10 to 15 cm of snow on Sunday.

The Government of Canada has issued freezing rain warnings for many Southern Ontario cities, including Hamilton, Elgin, Niagara, and Waterloo, just to name a few.

The freezing rain and snow have brought along many expected event cancellations for the day, including various like local sports events and Christmas celebrations; a complete list of cancellations will be available at Blackburn News.

Of course, it wouldn't be a winter storm if people weren't posting about it on social media. #ONstorm was trending on Twitter on the morning of Sunday, December 1 along with #icestorm and #freezingrain.


There are also over 32,000 Hydro One customers without power across the province as tree branches have been falling onto power lines.

Officials say to avoid any unnecessary travel at all costs if you find yourself in the centre of the storm.

The Weather Network reported that there was a fatal crash in the Niagra region. The area is closed for investigation, with at least one person dead. 

"Everyone affected by this storm here in Ontario and anyone affected by bad weather in the rest of Canada and beyond, please stay safe and only travel if necessary."

"Hope the power stays on here. Lots of freezing drizzle and rain and none of the forecasted snow yet. #ONStorm," said one Twitter user. 

"Impressionist painting? No. Just a mottled view of the front yard through the ice-coated window #icestorm #ONStorm" one Twitter user joked.

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