Another day, another person getting called out for a ridiculous 911 call in Ontario. On Thursday, York Regional Police shared a recording of a disgruntled driver caught on Highway 404 during a recent snowstorm. According to the caller, snowplows weren’t moving fast enough and they thought it necessary for police to get involved.

"The call came into 9-1-1 during a snowfall earlier this winter. We felt it was appropriate to share it today though," Sgt. Andy Pattenden told Narcity in an email.

In the call, which was posted on Twitter by the YRP, the driver opens the call with "hi, this isn't an emergency, but it's gonna turn into a s***t show in about five minutes here."

"I'm heading southbound on the 404. I understand the snowplows are trying to do their job but they're driving at 20 kilometres an hour down the highway," the driver tells the operator.

"If I'm late again, I'm going to be penalized at work," they explain to the stunned emergency operator, who only says "Umm..."

"Literally 20 kilometres an hour, miss." 

"It is becoming a s*** show, miss. You might want to send an officer," they continue. 

"Sir, I can't make the snowplows go faster," she responds.

However, this isn't the only non-emergency call that Ontario police have had to deal with in the past. 

In fact, the Hamilton police received so many in 2019 that they released a compilation of calls. 

The Ottawa police, who have also received their fair share of unsolicited non-emergency calls, also released their own collection of absurd complaints.  

It was reported that an Ontario woman called the emergency line because the taxi she ordered didn't show up.

While another caller used the hotline to ask for help in changing a bad carpet. 

So although the weather and bad roads may leave you wanting to call someone and complain, it's always important to remember that 911 is for emergencies only. 

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