While ice cream trucks usually bring joy to communities around Canada, it seems that some people don't enjoy them as much as others. Peel Police state that people have been calling 911 to reportedly complain about ice cream trucks stopping outside of their houses. Police are warning residents to only use 911 for emergencies, and non-emergency complaints should always be directed to 311. 

On Saturday, Peel Police took to Twitter to remind residents that it is normal for ice cream trucks to be traveling around the city on hot days. If an ice cream truck stops outside of your house, it may be there for a bit longer than expected to serve all the children, especially on hot weekends.

Peel Police state that ice cream trucks parking outside of your house for longer than you would like is never a reason to call 911, as it blocks lines for emergency calls where immediate response is needed. 

Non-emergency calls are always to be directed to 311 to keep emergency lines open for those who really need help.

Since Peel Police have made this announcement, many Canadians are furious that the 911 line is being abused in this fashion. Many Canadians are calling that those who are making unnecessary calls to 911, especially to complain about ice cream trucks, should be fined for this issue.  

What makes matters even worse, is that this only one of the multiple ways that people constantly misuse the 911 line. Throughout the year, 911 lines have been flooded with complaints ever time an Amber Alert has been issued. 

When an Amber Alert was issued earlier this year to help locate William Gooden, a three-year-old boy who was abducted by his mother, Toronto Police later reported that multiple complaints filled up their responses lines due to people complaining about being woken up. 

Police warn that filling up these lines for non-emergencies could potentially delay their response times to real emergencies.  

A few years ago, Chatham-Kent police released a list of the weirdest 911 calls that they have ever received, to showcase exactly how people mistreat the hotline. 

They claim that a woman actually called 911 to complain that her TV channels were in french, while another resident called the emergency line to ask for the local KFC phone number. 

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