Toronto Police are warning residents of a suspicious incident after a body was discovered in the Scarborough Bluffs area on Sunday morning. Police responded to the incident where they discovered that the body was deceased. Police warn that the area of Bluffers Park Marina has been cordoned off as they investigate the issue. 

On Sunday, Toronto Police released a statement through Twitter warning the public that a deceased body has been discovered near the Bluffers Park Marina. When the body was discovered, Police state that the person was already in a state of decomposition, hinting that the victim has been deceased for quite some time.

While no specific information has yet to be released on the death, the police state that the death is currently being treated as suspicious. This means that the police believe foul play may have been involved in this incident. 

At the moment, the area of Bluffers Park Marina is currently closed to the public as the Police undergo their investigation. It is unclear how long the area will be closed.

While Police have not released any more information on this incident, once citizen claims that they spotted Police looking for someone in the waters at 7th street last week. Whether these two incidents are connected is still unclear.  

Tragically, this isn't the first time that a body has been discovered in the waters of Scarborough. Back in 2016, Toronto Police responded to a call after a woman was spotted in Lake Ontario. 

The marine unit was sent to the scene where they were able to get the body out of the water. Sadly, the woman was pronounced dead on the scene. 

After investigation, police determined that this incident was a non-criminal matter and no foul play was involved in that case.

Another man was discovered dead in the water at Bluffers Park back in 2014.

Police discovered the body at the foot of Brimley Road, yet the death was deemed non-suspicious after it was discovered that the man lived on a houseboat docked near the Mariana. 

While both of these previous incidents were deemed as unsuspicious, Toronto Police are treating the current case as a suspicious incident. 

*Disclaimer: Cover photo used for illustrative purposes only. 

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