This is actually like a scene out of a movie. A Toronto Police chase resulted in a man being arrested for attempting to break into a building in the afternoon of Thursday, April 9. Prior to being apprehended, the culprit evaded officers by leaping across rooftops.

The chase was captured on video and shared onto social media on Thursday afternoon.

According to Toronto Police, officers received a call at around 3:30 p.m. to a building in the Danforth and Coxwell Avenues area. 

As stated on their tweets, a man attempted to break into a building using a ladder. Reports suggest the ladder actually fell and the man was stuck, unable to climb down.

When police arrived, the man started jumping onto rooftops like some sort of movie villain, avoiding the police.

"Male attempting to break into building using a ladder, reports ladder has fallen/ no ability to climb down, reports male is jumping across rooftops attempting to flee officers, officers o/s scene," TPS stated.

The TPS followed up that tweet with an update which stated the man actually kicked in the window and entered a home before he was chased and apprehended by officers from 54 Division.

A video shared onto Twitter shows a man running from officers before being captured by a swarm of armed police and pinned down to the ground.

Some of those who managed to capture the video believe the man was a daytime bank robbery suspect. However, that has not been verified at the time of writing.

Either way, it made for one hell of a dramatic scene for the few Torontonians still outside on Thursday afternoon.

It seems like there's been a thing with officers and rooftops lately in Ontario.

Earlier this week, an Ottawa officer was seen scaling a rooftop in an attempt to save an unconscious woman.

Meanwhile, things have been a little less dramatic for one unit of Peel Regional Police.

Officers teamed up to make a Mississauga family's day by showing up for a boy's fifth birthday this past weekend, all while practicing social distancing. 

Thankfully, no injuries were reported in Thursday's dramatic incident, and the suspect was soon arrested. 

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