Just over a month after Ontario implemented social distancing rules, it seems some people have already had enough. At the weekend, protestors were spotted at Queen's Park, and they were speaking out against COVID-19 restrictions. Holding signs that read “COVEXIT" and “I NEED A HAIRCUT,” anti-lockdown protestors in Toronto were in full-force.

It was not a quiet weekend at Toronto's Queen's Park. On Saturday, a group of protestors gathered to speak out against COVID-19 restrictions, and to urge the province to reopen non-essential businesses.

Reportedly chanting “Open up Ontario,” the activists congregated outside of the legislature, and demanded that the provincial restrictions were lifted immediately.

One person at the scene also reported chants of "the virus is a hoax" and "fear is the virus."

Demonstrators were allegedly calling for an end to the shutdown of many services, including local businesses, public spaces and, according to the signs, barber shops and hairdressers.

CBC News reports that the protest drew up to 200 people at its peak, many of whom held signs with very specific messages.

Those involved in Saturday's demonstration carried signs with notes such as "COVEXIT," "I NEED A HAIRCUT" and "REAL EYES, REALIZE, REAL LIES."

One incorrectly spelled sign from the protest reads, “LOCKDOWN DAMAGE WILL BE WOSRE THAN THE VIRUS,” while another says, “SIGN UP HERE TO DIE FOR THE ECONOMY.”

In another image, two people can be seen holding signs that read, “FREE THE STRONG,” and also “PROTECT THE VULNERABLE.”

While one lady carries a sign that reads, "REAL EYES, REALIZE, REAL LIES," somebody else holds one that says, "I NEED A HAIRCUT."

Another simply says, “COVEXIT.”

Speaking about the protests in Toronto, Ontario Premier Doug Ford blasted the "bunch of yahoos" that were involved.

In response to a question about the demonstrations, Ford explained, "It’s irresponsible, reckless and it's selfish."

"There's no one that wants to open up the economy more than I do, and everyone else," he added, "but we're going to do it responsibly."

The province has been under a state of emergency for just over 40 days, and the region's non-essential businesses have remained closed as the number of COVID-19 cases continues to rise.

As of Monday, there were 14,856 total confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Ontario. 892 people have died.

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