Ontario is committing to equality of opportunity. Premier Ford announced on Thursday that the government is allocating $1.5 million to support systems for black families and youth in Ontario. Specifically, the money will go towards COVID-19 aid.

"This funding will be used to provide urgent COVID-19 supports and address the immediate needs of children, youth and families," reads the province's statement.

With this cash boost, the province intends to "address the disproportionate impacts" of the novel coronavirus.

"At a time when the world is facing some of its most difficult challenges, we have to do everything we can to help our next generation of leaders overcome the social and economic barriers before them," said Premier Ford via the statement.

With this, Ontario is also launching its new Premier's Council on Equality of Opportunity.

This council aims to help young people overcome social and economic barriers and achieve success in the province.

Some of its core functions will be to help youth complete their education, get skills training, and find employment.

"Our young people are the future of this province and I truly believe this council will be a strong advocate that will set them down the path to even greater success."

Finally, it will come up with solutions to help Ontario's young people during the COVID-19 outbreak. 

This move comes after Ford made a statement about the history of systemic racism in the U.S., which he said does not exist in Canada.

"Thank God that we’re different than the United States and we don’t have the systemic deep roots they have had for years,” said Ford to reporters on June 2.

However, he took the statement back at a Queen's Park meeting the following day.

"Of course there’s systemic racism in Ontario, there’s systemic racism across this country," said Ford.

"I know it exists, Mr. Speaker, what I don’t know is the hardships faced by those communities."

"And a lot of us in this chamber do not know the hardships within those communities, Mr. Speaker,” he clarified.

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