Just because there are fewer cars on the streets of southern Ontario right now doesn't excuse reckless driving. Peel Police have arrested a 41-year-old male for impaired driving in a Brampton car crash on March 31, after he allegedly smashed into a bus shelter and left one woman injured. Video of the incident shared onto social media shows the vehicle moving erratically and wildly before crashing. 

According to a tweet issued by Peel Police, officers received a call at around 7:03 p.m. on Tuesday night, March 31.

That call was to the area of Frostbite Lane and Father Tobin Road, regarding a car crash where a bus shelter was destroyed.

A woman was standing in the shelter at the time of the crash. She was taken to a trauma centre with non-life-threatening but serious injuries, say police.

The dark-coloured van managed to completely destroy a park fence and demolish the bus stop.

The driver was arrested for impaired driving and is currently in custody. He was taken to a local hospital for non-life-threatening injuries, according to police.

Videos of the incident emerged online and a picture shared by Peel Police illustrates the destruction caused at the scene.

In the video footage, the driver of the vehicle can be seen swerving through traffic, almost hitting more pedestrians along the way.

The driver even swerves into oncoming traffic, almost colliding with other cars on the road.

It should be noted that police advise that following an apparent dangerous driver is not recommended as it could pose a danger to you and others.

So, don't do what the people who filmed these videos did.

While people in Ontario are asked to stay indoors, there have still been multiple car crashes in the GTA as some unwise people take empty streets to mean normal rules don't apply.

Toronto Police noted a week ago that the number of instances of street racing and stunt driving has increased notably since the day-to-day traffic has vanished.

Meanwhile, in a horrifying incident on March 30, a car collided into the Princes' Gate in Toronto, resulting in one death.

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