It looks like some GTA residents are moving their house parties to the streets. According to officials, gatherings at abandoned parking lots are starting to become a problem throughout the city. Officials revealed that 27 bylaw charges were laid just last week for Brampton parking lot parties. 

Now that the weather is starting to warm up, it looks like some residents are getting creative when it comes to illegal gatherings. 

While it is still illegal to gather in crowds as the province attempts to flatten the curve of COVID-19, some residents don't seem to care. 

According to City Councillor Harkirat Singh in a May 27 press conference, Brampton saw "an increase in social gatherings from 163 to 291 this past week." 

Out of these gatherings, 27 charges were laid as a result of parking lot parties that were taking place across the city. 

“One particular evening, 23 charges were laid by bylaw enforcement officers, who partnered with Peel Regional Police to respond to these gatherings,” Coun. Singh revealed.  

According to The Brampton Guardian, April 29 marked the first day that physical distancing fines were given out for parking lot gatherings. 

Since then, Mayor Patrick Brown has called for a stop to these events, stating that, "Just because you can’t hold a party at your home doesn’t mean you can hold a party in a parking lot.”

Singh also reveals that the City is taking the issue very seriously, and are working on bringing them an end as the pandemic continues. 

"I can also confirm with you that we are working closely with the Peel Regional Police particularly to these parking lot gatherings ... yesterday half a dozen charges were also laid."

Although the province is slowly reopening, Counc. Singh reminded people that gatherings of five or more are still prohibited. 

Sheridan College was a hotspot for the parking lot gatherings, Singh says in the conference.

However, it isn't only Brampton that is having issues with this. Toronto has also seen a spike in car meetups for stunt driving. 

In fact, there was a street meet up in Toronto on Victoria Day weekend where people were gathering on the roads to do donuts and set off fireworks. 

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