If there's one thing Torontonians hate the most, it would be a toss-up between people who say they're from Toronto when they actually live in suburbs, and the TTC.  From delays to overcrowding, the TTC is far from perfect.  But, TTC officials have provided a complete list of subway closures this year, so commuters can at least prepare themselves for longer than normal travel times far in advance. Here's a complete list of all 73 TTC subway closures planned for 2019.

The TTC unveiled a detailed report which included both a review of the 2018 subway closures and the proposed 2019 schedule of closures.

Four different types of subway closures are currently implemented by the TTC: Weeknight Early Closures, One Day Weekend Closures, Full Weekend Closures and One Day Late Openings.

The TTC subway begins running at 6:00 AM six days of the week, with Sunday's service beginning at 8:00 AM. The subway closes between 2:00 and 3:00 AM nightly. "These operating hours result in a small window of opportunity to carry out required maintenance work...Typically less than two hours of work can be achieved each night," the report states.

The primary reason for the TTC's full weekend closures stems from two major TTC projects on Line 1 Yonge-University: updating the TTC's signalling system and finishing the Eglinton Crosstown.  The TTC report highlight the complexity of the projects, explaining that the regular nightly maintenance windows do not allow enough time for valuable work to be completed.

Of the 73 subway closures planned for 2019, there are 58 left to go this year, as of early April. Early weeknight closures will only be held from March to June and September to November to minimize its disruptive impact during the summer months. Many closures are also planned on weekends, as fewer passengers travel on weekends compared to during the week (based on TTC ridership data).

Take a look at all of the TTC closures planned for 2019:


Last year, the TTC implement only 23 Full Weekend Closures, 3 Single Day Closures and 6 Late Openings.

As always, shuttle buses will be operating during the scheduled closures to get people where they need to go. But, the TTC concludes the report by saying, "It is important to note, however, that no shuttle service can ever fully replace subway service."  Thanks, TTC.  We know.

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