Get ready, Toronto. The ever controversial psychologist, Jordan Peterson will be appearing in Toronto this month following the end of his highly successful 12 Rules For Life Tour. Peterson will be hosting a debate with famed Slovenian philosopher, Slavoj Zizek at the Sony Centre For The Performing Arts on April 19th.

Tickets for the event are selling for hundreds. According to, those looking to sit near the front row of the debate, where most spots have already sold out, should expect to pay an average of $300 with some seats even going as high as $500.

Peterson, who just a few years ago was a relatively unknown University of Toronto professor, now sells out the theatre's across the globe, with thousands turning out to see his lectures and debates. 

Tickets are also selling fast with only 207 seats still on sale. According to the Sony Centre's website, this venue typically holds 3,191. Those who wish to see the debate but aren't able to make it in person also have the option to Livestream the event.

Peterson's actions have often been controversial. He became famous after opposing Bill C-16, a bill that promoted "gender identity or expression" as a prohibited ground of discrimination under the Canadian Human Rights Act. Peterson stated that it was a step towards a dangerous leftist agenda and compelled speech.

Despite the controversy that sometimes surrounds him, Peterson has also shown a much softer side to his personality lately. A touching video posted on Youtube back in late March showed Peterson coming to the aide of a troubled man who broke pass security and climbed onto the stage at Liberty University in Virginia during one Peterson's talks.

In the video, Peterson and another speaker can be seen brushing off security to tend to the man as he pleads for them to help him. 

The upcoming Toronto debate will feature Peterson and Slavoj Zizek, a Marxist theorist. The two will debate economics, specifically talking about capitalism and Marxism. Previously Zizek has referred to Peterson as his enemy. 

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