Residents are now being warned by city officials to stay alert as multiple coronavirus scams have been reported in the GTA. Fire Chief Matthew Pegg announced on Twitter that people are going door to door trying to sell fake testing kits for the virus. The scam has also been circulating online and has reportedly been an issue in other countries across the globe. 

Currently, hospitals or official testing centres are the only places where Ontarians can go to get safely scanned for the coronavirus.  

In the tweet, Pegg writes that "we have reports of scammers going door to door (and now apparently online) in Toronto selling 'COVID-19 test kits'. This is a total scam."

He then redirects to a page where residents can become informed of COVID-19 related information. 

However, he isn't the only one who is warning of scams in the GTA. Durham Regional Police also shared a release from the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre warning of multiple COVID-19 related frauds including testing kits, reselling sanitizing products, and products being sold that claim to treat the virus.

"As COVID-19 continues to spread globally, the CAFC is warning the public to be on the lookout for associated scams. Fraudsters are creative and want to profit from consumers' fears, uncertainties and misinformation," read the release.

The Halton Police have also warned the public to "not fall prey to this scam" after it was discovered that text messages were sent out from an account that was claiming to be the Red Cross.  

These scammers would state that they were giving away free masks and prompt the resident to click on the link to receive one.

"If you receive a text message claiming to be from the Red Cross selling or giving away masks, do NOT click the link," their tweet says.

It has also been reported that fraudulent emails claiming to be the World Health Organization are being sent out asking for donations. 

The WHO has put out a release to warn people that it does not solicit money or "email attachments you didn't ask for."

For all official information related to COVID-19, you should always check trusted sources such as the Canadian Government or the World Health Organization

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