Now that Ontario has declared a state of emergency, many residents across the province have started to practice social distancing. With St. Patrick's Day often bringing large gatherings across the city, Mayor John Tory is asking residents to stay home. As cases of COVID-19 in Ontario continue to rise, Tory promises that the city will have a "St. Patrick's Day 2"  after the virus has been "vanquished."

In a Facebook post on Tuesday morning, Mayor Tory announced that everyone who wants to drink green beer with their friends will still get to do so, just at a later date.

If we all decide to cooperate and practice self-distancing, the mayor assures that he will "proclaim a nice spring day" as St. Patrick's Day 2.

"Please celebrate St. Patrick's Day at home this year," Tory urges the city of Toronto.  

"If you avoid green beer crowd scenes today - as public health officials advise - I promise to proclaim a nice spring day after #COVID19 has been vanquished as St. Patrick's Day 2 in Toronto and we will party! #FlattenTheCurve."

However, it doesn't just seem to be Tory who is behind the idea of have a second St. Patrick's Day later this year. 

Guinness Beer was quick to respond to the mayor's post, "Well said! Today is a day to celebrate at home, but we will celebrate together soon on St. Patrick’s Day 2. Slainte! #EnjoyReponsibly."

The call to postpone St. Patrick's Day to a later date comes after the Ontario Government declared a state of emergency. 

Schools, businesses and large events have all been forced to shut down, and universities across the province are urging their students to stay home today and avoid large gatherings during this green celebration.

However, while the city of Toronto is starting to look like a ghost town as residents choose to stay at home, Tory is giving the city hope that the party will rage on as soon as COVID-19 is under control. 


However, as we wait for our second chance to party, Tory is reminding residents to take care of each other during these hard times. 

"As we navigate these unprecedented times, please remember to be kind to one another and support those most vulnerable as best you can," Tory states. 

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