It has been almost half a decade since a dead raccoon memorial first stole Torontonian hearts. However, it seems that another trash panda is being remembered as a new photo surfaced of another roadkill victim. According to a recent Reddit post, another shrine has been set up on the streets of Toronto to remember the life of yet another fallen raccoon. 

A photograph of a memorial, which was reportedly set up at the corner of Dundas and Bathurst, shows an eerily similar display to the viral #DeadRaccoonTO memorial of 2015. 

Candles, flowers, and a printed-off picture of a raccoon were all laid next to the deceased animal, in a touching yet make-shift visitation service.

Sadly, little is known of the little one, or how it met its tragic fate. 

Of course, that didn't stop the Reddit community, where the picture was first posted, from paying their respect to the anonymous raccoon.

"Everyone leaves your green bin lids open tonight in memoriam," wrote one user.

"I feel like I need to make an urban expedition to travel several city blocks in order to properly pay my respects," added another.

Narcity reached out to 311 Toronto to see if the raccoon's body had been removed. However, we have yet to hear back from them.

Part of the reason the original 2015 raccoon became so popular was due to the fact that the animal's body was located in the middle of a popular Toronto neighbourhood. 

However, it took a full day for animal services to come and collect the creature. 

By the time #DeadRacoonTO was collected, his temporary resting place was covered with touching tributes.

It was indeed a unique Toronto phenomenon.

Only time will tell if the new raccoon will reach the heights of his predecessor, but here's to hoping both of them are in a better place.

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