Definitely not something you see every day. A video made its way on Reddit on Thursday which shows a deer running wild on St. Clair Avenue. The deer sighting in Toronto nearly ended in tragedy when a car came zooming into view.

In the video, the animal is seen weaving between parked cars at St. Clair Avenue E. and Midland Avenue in Scarborough. 

The Redditor who shared the footage, Adam DeBusschere, told Narcity exactly what he saw.

DeBusschere said he decided to head outdoors with a beer to enjoy the nice weather. He said he spotted the deer wandering around looking terrified all on its own.

"I’ve never seen a deer running along St Clair like that before," he said. "I was really nervous for it and honestly thought it was going to get hit. Hence my reaction."

"I was just hanging outside enjoying a beer and then all of a sudden a deer just came running out," he noted.

The video captures the animal darting towards the parking lot of several businesses in the area before attempting to run across the street through traffic.

Thankfully, after a scary near-miss with a pickup truck, the deer disappears out of view unscathed, although definitely spooked. 

Wildlife roaming the streets at odd times of the day has practically become a regular occurrence in Toronto lately. Deer have been spotted all over the city, running on beaches and hanging out in backyards

Even a moose was on the loose back in April, surprising Orillia residents as it hung around their neighbourhood for a few days. 

Another close relative out in Alberta shocked locals as it decided to take a stroll down an empty street in Canmore.

Canadians are learning to share their territory with wildlife, and so far, it seems that we've been able to co-exist peacefully.


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