Yesterday, millions of fans took to the streets of downtown Toronto to celebrate the Raptors winning the NBA Finals for the first time in history. As they cheered for their team throughout the day, Ontario's premiere was met with much less excitement. To welcome Doug Ford, Raptors fans booed as the premier made his entrance onto the stage during the rally. And they weren't the only ones who didn't seem enthused to see him.

President of the Raptors, Masai Ujiri, also seemed to brush off Doug Ford at the rally. In a video, Ujiri was spotted walking along the side of the stage when Ford approached him for a handshake. 

Ujiri can be seen dismissing Ford in seconds. Ujiri gives him a half-hearted handshake and pat on the back before moving on, not stopping to chat or even make eye contact with the premier of Ontario. 

People on Twitter were quick to call attention to the brief clip, saying that it's obvious that Ujiri seemed totally disinterested in talking to Ontario's leader. 

After being delayed for hours due to the unprecedented crowds, the Raptors finally took the stage at Nathan Phillips Square to share a few words with the crowd. Before the Raptors were brought out on stage, some big political names were greeted by the audience first.

When Doug Ford walked across the stage, sporting a Raptors t-shirt and blazer, it seemed like the entire crowd of Nathan Phillips Square launched into a chorus of boos. The boos lasted until Ford took his seat on stage and the next guest was announced. 

To make matters worse, both Mayor John Tory and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau took to the stage to give a speech to congratulate the Raptors. However, Ford didn't give a speech during the rally and was seen sitting on the sidelines the entire time. People noticed this immediately and shared their opinions on it.


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