If you've ever attempted to commute into downtown Toronto during rush hour, you know the struggle. But, considering the fact that Toronto is a waterfront city, many people are starting to wonder why other modes of commuter transportation haven't been introduced yet. A private water taxi company announced this week that it hopes to launch a service that would transport commuters from Etobicoke into downtown Toronto by boat, and many people are already on board. Many people hope that this Etobicoke-Toronto water taxi idea will lead to new transportation options for commuters.

The water taxi company, called Otter Guy, has recently come up with a proposal to launch a catamaran that will take 200 people from Humber Bay Shores in Etobicoke into downtown during rush hour. They propose to charge each customer $10 for the 30-minute trip that will never be delayed by rush hour traffic. 

Passengers would have access to all the amenities they could ask for during their commute, including Wi-Fi, air conditioning and bathrooms. They would be dropped off right at the base of Yonge Street. While the proposal hasn't been made official yet, it has gotten a lot of people talking about how much water taxis would be a benefit to the city. 

Many believe that implementing a water taxi service would be a great use of the body of water that our city was built upon. While others also agree that this proposal should be expanded into other areas in Ontario, such as Niagra to Toronto or Scarborough Bluffs to Toronto. 

While many are clearly on board with the idea, there are a few limitations that private companies need to face before they can implement the service.

According to CBC News, for any private company to conduct a water taxi service, they need two main things from the city - approval to dock and a long-term lease. However, gaining these two approvals from the city is possible to achieve. 

Plus, several of these companies already exist. Some water taxi companies have already set up shop at the Harbourfront Centre, and they mainly provide transport from Toronto's Harbourfront to the Toronto Islands. Yet, none of these services have capitalized on commuter transportation services yet.

For example, Tiki Taxi is a water taxi company that allows users to get to the Toronto Islands. Toronto Harbour Water Taxi also focuses on transportation to Billy Bishop Island Airport and Artscape Gibraltar Point.  

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