The Chief Medical Officer of Health just issued an extreme cold weather alert for Toronto. This comes with the frigid cold that is about to hit the city tonight. Temperatures are expected to feel like nearly -20 C, and the weather alert will remain in place until we see these temperatures warm up.

Environment Canada predicts that tonight will be -12 C with a 70% chance of flurries. With windchill, those temperatures will feel like -17 C and could continue to get even colder. It currently feels like -5 C in Toronto. 

The unseasonably cold temperature is thanks to an arctic front which is moving south across southern Ontario cities, according to The Weather Network. It will be bringing bursts of snow with it as well as a freezing wind chill that is making the cold temperatures feel amplified. 

The resulting freezing weather is expected to continue on into the weekend, with a possibility of ceasing by the end of next week. 

Until then, however, we are getting hit with even more arctic air that is making temperatures a good 10 to 15 C below regular seasonal temperatures, making this one of the coldest Novembers the city has seen in decades. 

Those the most at risk during this time are the homeless, as well as those who work outdoors, those with respiratory complications or heart conditions, elderly people, infants, and young children. 

The city urges everyone to dress with multiple layers and stay as dry as possible, as it is wet clothing (wet socks, for example) that make people more susceptible to hyperthermia.

Frostbite is also an extreme risk at this time, so remember to not skip out on gloves, hats, and scarves while it is this freezing.

Winds will be anywhere from 30 km/h going up to 40 km/h today and into the evening. 

A reminder that the temperatures we are experiencing now are more seasonally normal for the month of January, so please do not take the weather alert lightly. It is cold AF out there!

Remember, even though the temperatures say they are above zero for some of the days, the wind makes it much colder than the actual temperature says it is. Observe the windchill forecast below.

So make sure to grab your hats and an extra pair of socks. Stay warm, everyone! 

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