The start of the workweek will be frustrating for those commuting eastbound on North America's busiest highway today. Highway 401 traffic is going to be a little hectic this morning due to an accident caused by a truck driver. According to Sgt. Kerry Schmidt, the driver has been charged with careless driving after the multi-vehicle crash on the 401 in North York this morning.

UPDATE: All of the eastbound express lanes that were closed from east of Bayview Avenue to Highway 404 reopened just before 10:30 a.m. on Monday morning.

EARLIER: The pileup occurred in the eastbound express lanes of the highway near Leslie Street. According to Breakfast Television’s Stephanie Henry, all express lanes of the eastbound 401 have been closed for several hours due to the crash. It was also reported that “carbon materials” have spilled out onto the highway, which has delayed the cleanup.

“Eastbound 401 East of Trafalgar the right lanes are blocked by a tractor-trailer fire...Traffic is SOLID from East of Hwy 25,” Henry tweeted out.

Sgt. Schmidt explained this morning that a transport truck had slammed into three vehicles that slowed down due to an earlier collision at Highway 404. Thankfully, no serious injuries were reported. The highway is expected to be closed near Bayview until around 9:30 a.m. to allow crews to clean up the mess.

“Traffic was slowing down slightly in the area, a transport truck came in from behind, went by at least three MTO and OPP vehicles that had their lights flashing warning motorists to slow down, unfortunately, this truck did not," Schmidt said.

“It slammed into the back of another transport truck that was loaded with some sort of carbon material, which has spilled all across the highway,” he added.

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