Living in the city of Toronto, you find yourself walking the walk and talking the talk whether you grew up here or moved into the 6ix. When it comes to sayings and names, there's one thing everyone can agree on β€” you don't pronounce the second "T" when saying "Toronto". If you're not from the city and don't want to embarrass yourself in front of your friends when visiting, you've most likely asked yourself, or even Googled, "How do Torontonians pronounce Toronto?" 

But the real debate isn't around how you say it. It's about how you spell however you say it. states that it's tuh-ron-toh with a short "tuh" sound at the start, the emphasis on the "ron", and a long "oh" sound at the end.

Don't expect to find many in the city who agree, though.

This particular "argument" goes way back and most likely further than we can particularly remember. With one quick Google search, you'll come up with a list of results of people asking the same question.

But, if you find yourself in this position, don't stress, because the fine people of Reddit and the internet are here to help.

A post on Reddit titled "Real Torontonians be like" got a lot of people sharing how they pronounce the city's name. The suggestions were numerous wide-ranging.

"Trawna?" "Churono?" "Tono?"

It seems to be accepted as true that Torontonians can tell if you're local or not from whether you pronounce the final "T", but even that isn't something universally agreed upon, it seems.

One Redditor says that "This is how you tell if someone is from Toronto, if they pronounce the second T, it's an imposter πŸ˜‚." Another commenter, though, feels "illiterate" if they don't pronounce it.

One response argues that "true Ontarians don't fully pronounce the first O either," which we guess is either true, hit-and-miss, or completely wrong.

"Terono/Trono" is how "TRUE" Ontarians say it, according to another poster.

Although you may agree with some of these suggestions, others are pretty inventive.

"Churronow?" Come on, now.

However you say it, though, don't worry, it doesn't really make you any less Torontonian or Canadian. Let's embrace our individuality as Canadians, so say it β€” and spell it phonetically β€” however you want.

Just make sure you don't pronounce the final "T", or they'll know.

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