Toronto's downtown core just got a whole lot artsier. A group of local artists are taking over the city with their work and are turning the popular Dundas Square into a massive canvas. As part of the "It's All Right Now" project, the work will help show how Toronto is dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Where ads once covered the streets, powerful and inspiring visuals will now be taking over.

It’s All Right Now is “a public art project” and a movement that will aim to capture the experience of life in a post-pandemic Toronto.

Twenty Toronto artists will be taking over the streets of the 6ix with their work. 

“The artists each created powerful textual responses in their own visual styles that, together, speak to the diversity and multiplicities of this complex moment: hopeful, fearful, forward-looking, introspective, joyful, even rousing,” reads a statement on the group’s website.

Photos of the project utilizing some of Toronto’s most visible billboards have already begun popping up on social media.

However, it's not just billboards that will be showings these amazing pieces.

According to their website, while Dundas Square and the Gardiner Expressway are some of the first places that residents can expect to see this project, it will also be spreading for weeks to come. 

Eventually, walls and landmarks across the Waterfront and the Bentway will also be covered in art. 

The massive undertaken is being organized by the same folks who created The Bentway, an innovative public space project that transformed  underneath Toronto’s Gardiner Expressway into “a new gathering place for our city’s growing population.”

“ Sites that had, in “the before,” been platforms for consumer marketing, and just weeks ago used to share mass directives on public health safety and social distancing guidelines, are re-tuned for a newly honest and artist-driven dialogue,” the statement adds.

The project is expected to roll out over several weeks. The sweeping initiative aims to “claim the city as a canvas.”

So, keep an eye out for new art pieces on landmarks, walks, and public spaces.


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