Step aside, Kawhi. Toronto's mayor John Tory is and always has been the city's original "Fun Guy". From partying at Jurassic Park during the Raptors finals to jumping into a pool fully clothed, John Tory knows how to party with the people, and they love him for it.

We decided to round up all the peak John Tory moments of the summer because it's what the city deserves. 

Let’s start with that infamous lap dance at Glad Day Bookshop. People were caught off guard (in the best way possible) when Toronto's mayor was filmed stuffing a five-dollar bill into a drag queen's thong during “Drag Kids Brunch.” This one's definitely a highlight.

Next, there's this series of Tory jumping into a pool fully clothed on the opening day of Toronto's public pools. Tory is a nine-year-old boy in a man’s body and I mean that in the best way possible. His enthusiasm is genuine and endearing, which is what makes this moment so great. 

Tory in Jurassic Park. Need I say more? Just look at him. Have you ever seen someone so spellbound and happy?

And if you think Tory is just another Raptors bandwagoner, think again! Tory straight up offered his job to Kawhi Leonard during the finals. He offered to step down from his post as mayor if that’s what it took to get Kawhi to stay. Obviously, he was kidding, but was he really?

This photo of John Tory posing with kids at Toronto's Junior Carnival is too cute not to share.

Tory clearly knows his best angles and I don’t mean politically; I mean he literally knows his best angles:

And last but not least, he knows how to work it even post-surgery.

It’s never a dull moment with Tory around. Here’s to a speedy recovery!

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