During Game 5 of the NBA Finals, Kevin Durant injured himself bad enough to the point where he could no longer play. During that time, some Canadians did not live up to their expectations of always being nice and instead, cheered on the injury. Now, the Toronto mayor is responding to the incident. John Tory speaks up after Raptors fans cheering for Durant's injury. 

Last night's Game 5 of the NBA finals was a real nail biter. Arguably one of the most intense parts was watching Kevin Durant upset an old injury. During the second quarter for the game, Durant suffered an injury to his right Achilles. This was his first game back since straining his calf. 

While having one of the opposing teams best players out for the game may seem like a good thing, some Canadians ruined their pleasant reputation and the Internet was not impressed. There were people in the stands and on social media who were cheering on the injury; some even started the wave in the crowd.

This led several Toronto Raptors players to try to stop the crowd from cheering. Many sports fans and fellow Canadians starting calling people out for their behaviour; some calling it trashy. While many people are calling out the bullies, the mayor of Toronto is actually sticking up for the sportsmanship display and saying it was "overstated". 

According to CP24, Toronto Mayor John Tory says that while some fans in any crowd may have acted the wrong way, a “vast majority” of people at Monday’s game acted like good sports fans. He even said that Durant “very quickly” got a warm round applause as he was led to the dressing room.

Tory went on to state that it is important not to “overblow such incidents” or make generalizations about what Toronto sports fans are like. 

While Tory is defending the Raptors fans following the incident, Drake is calling them out. When Durant was walking off of the court, you can see a concerned Drake consoling Durant. This is huge considering he is part of the opposing team! 

Some people were even noting that Drakes reaction was over the top

When the news was released that Durant would be participating in Game 5, fans were losing it. The Internet was full of mixed reactions and memes to the announcement, with many concerned that it was too soon after his previous injury. 

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