Crowds flooded into Toronto’s Nathan Phillips Square to catch a glimpse of Justin Trudeau on September 29th. It was a positive outing for the Prime Minister, who recently faced backlash over a blackface scandal. However, in the wake of the event’s success, a Conservative MP is arguing that the leader pulled a fast one on the city’s rules regarding partisan activities.

Trudeau arrived at the Toronto landmark in Nathan Phillips Square on Sunday evening, wearing a jacket with a Liberal logo on it. He made brief remarks at a small podium before stepping down to interact with the crowd. The prime minister took selfies, shook hands with his supporters, and took part in the usual duties of a campaigning politician, but it’s not so much what he did, but where he did it that is causing outrage.

Toronto's Use of City Resources During an Election Period Policy states that city facilities and infrastructure can't be used for any election-related purpose by a federal candidate. It also forbids signs from being "erected or displayed" on or beside a city park or facility.

Nathan Phillips Square, despite being an open space, is included in the list of places that can’t be used for election-related purposes. However, it is uncertain whether Trudeau’s liberal logo jacket qualifies as a sign “being displayed.”

According to CBC, Conservative MP Peter Kent, who represents Thornhill, wrote a letter to city Integrity Commissioner Valerie Jepson about Trudeau’s alleged violating of the rules:

"While Mr. Trudeau's past actions indicate that he believes there are one set of rules for him, and another set of rules for everyone else, I am confident you agree that all candidates and campaigns should be held to the same standard," Kent stated in his letter according to the media outlet.

"I will look forward to your response about what appropriate action is being taken to address Mr. Trudeau's contravention of the resolution passed by Toronto City Council,” he added.

While it is still unclear if and when Trudeau will face any consequences for hanging out in Nathan Phillips Square during his campaign, the Conservative MP has caused quite the stir about it. 

Trudeau recently found himself at the mercy of social media after he announced that he would be joining Snapchat. Canadians were quick to mock the prime minister’s reasoning for wanting to get an account for an app that is primarily used by people under the age of 18 to share selfies.

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