The identities of the seven people killed in a plane crash in Kingston, Ontario, have now been revealed. The pilot, who was identified as Texas resident Otabek Oblokulov, his wife, and three children all perished in the tragic crash, CTV reported. The ill-fated plane was registered under Oblokulov's name.

Oblokulov’s brother-in-law and his wife were also counted among the victims. The brother-in-law, who has been identified as Bobomurod Nabiev, and his wife, Sabina Usmanova, were newlywed Toronto residents.

A GoFundMe page has since been started to help raise money for the family’s funeral expenses.

“Today, we are deeply saddened to hear the devastating news of the horrifying death of Bobomurod Nabiev and his family members. It’s a shock to all of us. Bobomurod and his wife, along with their close relatives who were visiting them in Ontario, were killed in a small plane crash in Kingston, Ontario, on November 27th, 2019."

"Bobomurod recently got married, he was enjoying his happy days, and the newlywed couple had big plans ahead,” a description on the page reads.

So far, the fundraising effort, which was created on Thursday night, has raised $3,335 of its $80,000 goal.

Transportation Safety Board officials have yet to release the cause of the crash.

CBC reported that officials are still investigating the wreckage, which was found near Creekford Road and Bayridge Drive. TSB staff is also expected to analyze weather reports, plane maintenance logs, and the pilot's training record.

Oblokulov reportedly obtained his pilot’s license just three years ago and owned the aircraft for about two years.

He’s said to have been an experienced pilot by family members. However, it was also his first time flying in Canada.

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