Marcella Zoia is back in the courtroom today for a verdict on her sentencing. The 20-year-old has been accused of mischief endangering life, which she plead guilty to after throwing a chair off of a Toronto highrise condo last year. The Crown is asking for jail time, but Zoia's lawyer is requesting a suspended sentence. The courtroom is reportedly packed to hear Marcella Zoia's sentence and the chair is with her. 

According to Kayla Goodfield from CTV, two mangled chairs were brought into the courtroom to show onlookers.

Chair Girl's lawyer argued that one of them was not the chair in question, Goodfield reports, but the Crown has said it will be used as an exhibit since both were thrown off the balcony. 

"Chair girl's lawyer is arguing that this chair is not the chair in question. The Judge says this was one of the two chairs seized at the time so it will be marked as an exhibit."

"The chair is now on top of a table in two pieces with the cushions on top while the Crown speaks," Kayla Goodfield tweeted from the courtroom on Friday.

It was also revealed that Zoia reportedly had been diagnosed with ADHD at a young age and that she has been using alcohol to "self-medicate." 

The 20-year-old had also reportedly been drinking the night before the incident. 

As the chair in question is being shown, the Crown is also reportedly arguing the 20-year-old's stunt compares to dangerous driving.

It was also reported that the Crown has also said that “Ms. Zoia is extraordinarily lucky that she didn’t kill someone,” May Warren of the Toronto Star reports. "It was at 'height of weekend morning' in 'an area thick with condos.'”

Due to the seriousness of her actions, the Crown is also seeking jail time for the incident, while Zoia's lawyer argues that she should get a suspended sentence and do community service. 

"Crown is seeking a sentence of 9 months in jail for #chairgirl, saying it must address consequences “both actual and potential,” Warren reports.  

"Crown Heather Keating says it’s not every day that the courtroom is this full of media, but it’s an oppourtunity to explain the purpose and principles of sentencing, in this case she argues they are 'denunciation and deterrence',” the Star reporter continues

Despite the fact that Chair Girl's lawyer believes that she has learned her lesson, it looks like the Crown is not taking this lightly.

"There should be no minimizing her conduct."

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