As essential businesses continue to stay open during the pandemic, some workers are starting to experience harassment from customers. York Regional Police are now investigating an incident at a Markham convenience store after a man reportedly coughed onto his change before handing it to the clerk. The shopper also reportedly threatened the worker by saying, "I hope you get coronavirus."

York Regional Police told Narcity that the incident occurred on Sunday, April 12 and is currently under investigation. 

"The incident was reported to us on Monday, April 13, but occurred on Sunday, April 12, 2020. It is under investigation at this time by officers with our #5 District Criminal Investigations Bureau," Sergeant Andy Pattenden revealed. 

The store's clerk, Matthew Vega, a 17-year-old high school student, said he was working alone when the customer began causing a scene after being instructed to back up from the counter, according to Newstalk 1010. 

The customer reportedly asked Vega, "Who said that you have the authority to control me," before coughing on his coins and claiming, "I hope you get coronavirus."

Vega later added that although most of the store's customers respect the province's social distancing bylaws, he frequently has to deal with people who mock him for practicing the new rules.

"It's quite common to see a couple of customers every day who say they don't care and are trying to get close to you or try to mock the fact we are trying to control this virus."

Sadly, the incident of shoppers endangering frontline workers by coughing on them has occurred multiple times since the province's outbreak.

Last week, Stratford Police asked for the public's help in locating a man accused of coughing on an LCBO employee.

The police reported that a man, who appeared to be in his 60s, leaned over the counter and coughed on a worker twice before leaving the store.

Barrie Police also reported on April 16 that they're searching for a suspect who's accused of spitting in a GO Train engineer's face at Allandale Station in Barrie.

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