Over the summer, missing pet snakes have been appearing all over the GTA. Most recently, a Toronto family's pet python has just been found, months after they lost him somewhere in their home. The missing python was thought to have escaped before the family discovered him in their basement on Thanksgiving. While it may seem like a bizarre incident, according to CBC, 34 missing pet snakes in Toronto have been called into Toronto Animal Services since the beginning of 2017. 

The CBC article says that on top of that figure, another seven snakes have been turned in to them by their owners. This seems to have been a growing issue since the summer, when the number of stray snakes was at 28, according to an article from Global News, which was published at that time.

The most recent information from the CBC article mentioned is that the number has jumped to 34, showing that Toronto may have more snakes on the loose than we once thought. 

Meanwhile, the case of Monty the Python has been a strange one. He went missing way back on June 13, when the Raptors won the NBA Championship. Since then, a python was returned to the family that was found near a gas station, only it wasn't Monty, which they discovered a short while later. 

He was discovered as an imposter almost immediately by the family's son, who noticed differences in the appearance of Monty and "Sneaky Pete".

They noticed the patterns on the imposter snake were different than Monty's, and their size was also different, snake mom Samantha Sannella told CBC.

Now, months later, their ball python was found by the family's son in a cupboard in the basement on Thanksgiving.

"He just found a nice dark spot and was hanging out there," she said in an interview with CBC. "We'd almost given up on him."

Pythons can go months without food, Global News reports. They rely on fat storage in their bodies, and they can drastically slow down their system to avoid overconsumption of energy in times without food. The family still doesn't know how the python got his water, however, or where he could have possibly been hiding all this time. 

“I think he might have been in the ceiling at one point and I think she (dog) could hear him but we never could find him and we had the basement renovated actually at this time, we did not tell the contractor until afterward. We were just hoping he wouldn’t just pop out and yeah no sign of him during the renovation,” Sannella told Global News. 

There have been tweets about this issue for years! Snakes have been found in toilets, schoolyards, and sewers across the GTA. 

Narcity has reached out to Toronto Animal Services for a comment on the issue. 

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