The furriest and friendliest member of Mississauga Fire & Emergency Services just completed his first week at his new job and he's already doing amazing things. New Mississauga Fire dog, Ajax, is a facility dog and the newest member of Mississauga's emergency staff. Ajax plays an important role in providing comfort and support to emergency workers. 

Ajax started work with Mississauga Fire & Emergency Services on Monday and had a great first week. 

"He will provide emotional comfort to our firefighters who are exposed to traumatic incidents," Ryan Coburn, section chief with Mississauga Fire and Ajax's handler, told Narcity. "His presence helps calm people."

Ajax was donated to Mississauga Fire & Emergency Services just last week by National Service Dogs, where he was trained. The pup even comes from impressive ancestry, as both his parents are also facility dogs.

"He was actually bred for his temperament," said Coburn. "His lineage is one to remain calm."

Despite only being on the job since Monday, Ajax has already been put to work. On his first day, he was requested by firefighters who had witnessed a traumatic event and needed support and comfort.

Mississauga mayor Bonnie Crombie couldn't contain her excitement when talking about Ajax on Twitter, even including a video of her meeting Ajax which all dog lovers can relate to. 

She's not the only one excited about Ajax, who has become an absolute treat for colleagues and local residents.

"The response has been overwhelmingly positive," said Coburn.

Even those not involved with Mississauga Fire & Emergency Services are recognizing how important this dog is for emergency workers. 


Not only is this furry friend adorable, he's got some impressive skills. Ajax can smell cortisol on a person, a hormone we secrete when stressed, and will go to them on command to provide support. 

"People say 'You donโ€™t know how much I needed this this morning' and that's just after four days of [Ajax] coming to work," said Coburn.

Mississauga Fire & Emergency Services has nearly 700 employees and Ajax is there to offer every single one of them support if they need.

"It's a real gift that we have to offer our personnel," said Coburn.  

You can follow Ajax here

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