As Torontonians who use the subway every day, we can be pretty opinionated when things go wrong throughout our morning commute. Unexpected delays and detours are things that the commuters can expect on the daily. Which is why, when a new poll was released that shows how Torontonians really felt the TTC, I was surprised to find that it's really not as bad as we all think. 

Forum Research randomly selected nearly 2000 transit users who were over sixteen and conducted a poll to showcase how Torontonians really feel about the TTC. Surprisingly, most Toronto commuters agree that the TTC is doing just fine. In fact, two-thirds of transit riders state that they are satisfied with the TTC service and its performance. 

However, even though 68% of transit users state that they are satisfied with the TTC service, 32% of transit users admitted that they were dissatisfied with the service of the TTC and 13% of commuters were very dissatisfied. 

Yet, the positive vibes towards the TTC continue to outweigh the negative vibes as 70% of users state that the system is clean and kept to good standards. While only 10% of users claim that the system is not clean at all and that the system needs to make improvements to their cleanliness. 

Commuters are also stating that the TTC is reliable and frequent and can get them where they need to be on time. 77% of TTC commuters actually believe that the TTC is reliable, while only 5% of users state that the system is not reliable at all. 

On top of this, while some users complain about the price of TTC fare,  68% of users actually believe that the TTC provides good value for the money that they are paying. 

However, despite a majority of commuters stating that they are satisfied with the TTC's service, there are some issues that commuters feel need to be dealt with. 

Nearly half of commuters have stated that their commute is often impacted by unexpected delays, especially during morning and evening rush hours. 

Two-thirds of users are also stating that the TTC is not doing enough to expand the public transit system to keep up with the growing population of the city. 

To view the full results of the poll, you can click here. 

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