With Toronto being one of the biggest cities in Canada, it comes as no surprise that rats have also decided to set up their home here. However, the problem may be way worse than we initially thought. In fact, Toronto's rat problem has gotten so bad that the rodent population has actually doubled since  2012. 

Earlier this month, Toronto resident Christian Bobak released a video of a swarm of rats that were in an alley off Bathurst behind some restaurants. He states that the rat situation was so bad that they carpeted the alleyway and no amount of traps would be able to deal with them. Since then, the video has gone viral and Torontonians are starting to question how bad the problem really is. 

According to City News, the number of complaints that Torontonians are filing to the City of Toronto about rat sightings and infestations has doubled since 2012. Just last year there were 924 complaints of mice, rats and rodent problems throughout the city. 

Toronto Public Health has stated that they are aware of the situation and are looking into the video that went viral and the surrounding restaurants that are connected to the alley which are the Amnesia pub, The Fry, The Jerk King, and Tonkatsu.

Sadly, this rat problem isn't something new to the city. In March, Narcity confirmed that Toronto was the most rat-infested city throughout all of Ontario. To make matters worse, it's not just restaurants and alleyways that seem to be affected. 

This year, there have been multiple complaints from residents in the Woodbine and Danforth area as they are starting to discover rats inside their homes. 

According to residents, these rats have been hard to get rid of since they have been outsmarting both traps and poison. Many residents also state that this is a new problem. 

Torontonians who have been living in the city for decades state that they have only started to see the rat problem arise in the past few years, and while traps use to work in the beginning, they are no longer working to catch the pesky rodents.  

The City of Toronto states that residents should take several steps in order to limit the pest problem throughout the city. Residents should store garbage in rodent-proof containers, keep the grass cut around the house, contact private pest control services, and reduce clutter around the house. 

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