Doug Ford just gave a fair warning about Ontario COVID-19 cases. The premier warned that we could be the next New York City or Italy if we don't change our ways. 

In a Friday press conference, Ford announced that the rising number of cases in the province is "extremely serious."

"On September 1, we had just over 110 new cases. Five weeks later, today, we're are at 939 new cases," said Ford.

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If left unchecked, we risk worst-case scenarios, first seen in Italy and New York City.

Doug Ford

Ford said that "all trends are going in the wrong direction" and that contact tracing has even exploded "into the thousands."

“As we post record testing numbers, the percentage of people testing positive is rising too quickly.”

When asked how long it could take until we see the situation get as dire as these other spots, Adalsteinn Brown, Dean of the Dalla Lana School of Public Health at the University of Toronto, responded that "it's a matter of weeks and days, not a matter of months". 

As cases continue to rise, Ford announced that Toronto, Peel and Ottawa will be facing closures. 

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