It may officially be spring already in Ontario, but unfortunately, that doesn't mean spring weather is a thing. Ontario will be hit with winter weather this week and snow is expected. The Weather Network released a forecast today for the upcoming week in regions across Ontario and as of now, it looks like winter weather will dominate throughout the province. 

From cold temperatures to heavy snow, much of the province will feel the wintery chill this week. We are so not excited about this. "The winter-spring battle persists across Ontario all week and it looks like winter will continue to take the upper hand," says The Weather Network. 

Today was the warmest day that many cities in Southern Ontario have experienced in 2019. Temperatures even reached as high as around 20°C in some areas. However, all of that is about to drastically change. 

Regions all throughout Ontario are in for winter weather again later on this week. "By the mid-week mark however, much of the province heads back into wintry territory with widespread cooler temperatures and a messy mix of wet snow," says The Weather Network. 

Snow is in the forecast for several areas of Ontario. Cities like Ottawa are expected to see 5 to 10 cm of snowfall, while other regions such as Timmins and Geraldton will receive up to 25 cm of snow, according to The Weather Network. 

Temperatures in Southern Ontario such as in Toronto will feel much colder than they have today and this past weekend. This means that wet snow could be coming, and mixed precipitation is in the forecast for Toronto, reports The Weather Network

"However, as the warm front lifts north towards and eventually through our region on Thursday, we will have a brief period of wet snow that will change to rain and a raw east wind off of Lake Ontario," says The Weather Network.

Unfortunately, it looks like Ontarians will have to continue to wait for consistently warm temperatures to hit the province in the upcoming weeks. 

"During the next two weeks a persistent blocking pattern will continue to send shots of colder weather into the Great Lakes region," said Weather Network meteorologist Dr. Doug Gillham. "This makes consistent warmth unlikely through at least April 24th, though we can still get mild days at times".

Well, let's just say that we are definitely counting down the days until summer. 

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