Frontline workers are still waiting to get some extra cash in their bank accounts. Approximately 375,000 staff members at multiple facilities are still waiting for their Ontario pandemic pay increases that were announced two months ago. So far, no date has been given on when they will receive their extra cash.

The Ontario pandemic pay increase was announced by Ford in April. It promised eligible workers a $4 an hour pay increase as well as multiple lump-sum payments of $250 for those who worked over 100 hours a week. 

However, the initiative was criticized for not including all hospital workers, and only choosing some.

At a later date, the list of staff to receive extra compensation was expanded to include paramedics and other workers who were not on the initial list.

Staff who were eligible for bonuses were chosen from a multitude of facilities including long-term care homes, hospitals and corrections institutions. 

However, only select positions were chosen to receive pay increases. According to the president of the Ontario Council For Hospitals Union, the pay was supposed to arrive in early June but still has not. 

Now, payments have been delayed for around 375,000 workers, the Canadian Press via CTV News reports. 

According to a spokesperson for health minister Christine Elliott, the government is "committed to expediting the work required to get this money onto the paycheques of the critical workers across the province,” she wrote to The Canadian Press. Narcity has also reached out for a comment. 

On their website, the government states that "In the first week of June, ministries will start sending details to employers that receive funding directly from government and service delivery managers."

Meanwhile, Michael Hurley, the president of the Ontario Council for Hospital Unions has said that some staff are feeling demoralized that they did not qualify for the pay raise.

Furthermore, those that did qualify are also disappointed that they have not yet received anything. 

“They're deeply hurt and angry,” Hurley said. “There's a lot of anguish about this pandemic pay.”

According to the president of the Ontario Hospital Association, Anthony Dale, a third of hospital workers who are also on the front lines did not qualify.

“The implementation of the government's pandemic pay has caused understandable frustration because it excludes one-third of hospital employees despite the fact that everyone is contributing in the fight against COVID-19,” Dale told The Canadian Press. 

It is still unclear exactly when workers can expect to see this extra cash. 

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