A family of puppies and their mom are up for adoption at the Oshawa Animal Services Centre on Thursday, Friday and Saturday of this week. They will be accepting applications for the adoption of the pups until this Saturday, Aug. 3. Viewing times for this Ontario puppy adoption event will be from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. 

The puppies' names are Avery (mom), Rugar, Remington, Ruby, Roo and Sparkle. The puppies are all 9 weeks old.

Rugar, Remington, Ruby and Roo were all delivered in the Oshawa Animal Services shelter, and they recently had a step-sister join the family. She goes by the name of Sparkle. 

Avery is a rottweiler mix and is about 2 years old. Avery would do best in a home with no kitties because she enjoys chasing them around too much. She would do great with other dogs and kids, but kitties not so much.

The puppies are all rottweiler mixes, except for Sparkle, who is an American Bulldog mix. Rugar and Remington are males, and Ruby, Roo, and Sparkle are females.

The OAS facebook event asks interested applicants to "please understand while we will get many good applications, we only have five puppies. We just want what is best!"

Only the applications that are successful will be able to have meet and greets with the puppies. 

If you've got a loving home that you think could use a new addition to the family, go ahead and put in an application! 

For more details, reach Oshawa Animal Service directly at 905- 436-3311 or service@oshawa.ca!

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