For weeks, Toronto commuters have been calling for a solution to overcrowding on the TTC. On Friday, the issue came to a boil when a bus window was smashed. According to passenger Rocco Signorile, the incident happened after a driver had to turn riders away.

Signorile told Narcity that at around 10:40 a.m., a TTC bus on the 95 York Mills route made a stop to let on passengers.

However, because it was already crowded, the driver was forced to deny some of the people waiting.

Signorile said the bus was “jammed [with people] to the doors.”

That's when one of the refused individuals smashed the window, leaving it shattered.

"While we understand the frustration of customers who are not able to board a busy vehicle, damaging TTC property is not the answer and poses a further safety risk," the TTC said to Narcity about the incident.

"This route is one that has been identified for additional service and today we have put four extra buses on the route.”

Signorile said that he has experienced overcrowding on the TTC for weeks.

He's been speaking up on the matter, using his Twitter account to raise awareness.

Due to service cuts forced by the pandemic, overcrowding has proven to be an issue as of late.

Commuters have voiced their frustration, saying that social distancing has been made impossible, even holding protests urging the TTC to take action.

"Having had to commute dt these last 3 months, I can tell u the ttc is getting more and more packed as the weeks go on and as the covid numbers increased," wrote one user earlier today.

Another Twitter user said that passengers "are packed like sardines" on the buses.

The transit company says that it is already responding to these issues.

Earlier this week, TTC spokesperson Stuart Green told Narcity that 110 new buses have been added to Toronto's busiest routes. 

Earlier this month, Toronto transit riders marched together to protest overcrowding on public transport.

The protest called on the TTC to restore full service before kids returned to school.

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