On Monday, a shocking video captured the moment when a package thief in Toronto destroyed a police SUV. The video shows a man smashing the vehicle's windows one by one before throwing large stones at the officer who was alone on the scene. Moments later multiple police cars swarm the scene to help take down the suspect. 

This article contains graphic content that might not be suitable for some readers.

According to the YouTube post, the scene was filmed in Cabbagetown near Dundas and Sherborne.

It all started when neighbours warned each other of a man going around and stealing packages from doorsteps while throwing rocks and being aggressive, according to user Erin Leslie, who posted the video.

"The neighbourhood was quick to respond and call 911, but the first officer on the scene was alone and struggled to apprehend the guy as he smashed her car with rocks," her post states.

In the video, the man moves in on the female officer as she tries to defend herself with a taser. 

"She tased him unsuccessfully twice and he was then taken down by backup police. Nobody was hurt and the only damage seems to be to the police car," the post continued. 

Officer Caroline de Kloet confirmed in an email to Narcity that police responded to a call for an Assault in Progress at 2:03 p.m. on May 4. 

When someone from the neighbourhood had confronted the man about stealing packages, he assaulted them, which prompted the 911 call. 


"It is alleged that: - a man had stolen mail from a mailbox in the Shuter Street and Seaton Street area - he was approached by the home owner who he then assaulted," says the email.

The 42-year-old man has been charged with theft of mail, assault with a weapon, mischief over $5,000, assault of a peace officer with a weapon, and uttering threats.

Crime in the city has been going down since COVID-19, but police are still responding to robberies and hold-ups.

Toronto Police informed Narcity last month that retail robberies were on the rise as the city continued to be in lockdown. 

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