A Toronto man was in for a surprise this week after he received a parking ticket for parking on his own lawn. Kazi Islam says he plans to fight the parking ticket that will cost him $75 for parking his car on his own property in Brampton. The ticket claims that Islam had parked in an unauthorized area. 

On Monday, Islam told CTV that he had parked his vehicle partially on the front lawn of his home, with his front wheels on his front lawn and the back on his paved walkway. This was something that he had been doing for over ten years. 

However, Islam said that he was shocked when he discovered the $75 parking ticket attached to his windshield for parking in an "unauthorized area".

Islam thinks it is ridiculous to get a parking ticket for parking on your own property, even stating, "It's my private property. It's my own driveway. I paid for it,". However, the City of Brampton disagrees. 

The City of Brampton told CTV that the By-Law prohibits any form of parking on landscaped areas of any property, regardless if they are public or private. They state that this law is similar to a majority of other big cities and is seen as an issue. This year, Brampton has already received more than 250 similar parking complaints. 

While Islam has told CTV he is going to fight against the ticket, it is unclear if the city will grant him his wishes since it is such a common occurrence. 

Of course, other strange parking incidents have occurred in the past as well. Although not quite the same situation, Huffington Post reported on a Calgary man who actually lost his car in an auction after leaving for a vacation. 

Back in February 2016, Lukas Pesut parked his car outside of his friend's house before going on holiday to Germany. Shortly after he left, his truck became impounded after a neighbour had complained that the truck had been parked there for several days and was abandoned.

The City of Calgary impounded the truck, and refused to let Lukas' friend collect it because she was unaware of the license plate number, and she was unable to reach Lukas to get the number. 

Eventually, the truck was auctioned off for just over $18,000, when his car was worth $100,000. 

We hope this never happens to you! 

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