A disaster was narrowly avoided at Toronto’s Pearson International airport on Friday morning. Five people were taken to hospital after an Air Canada Jazz plane carrying 51 passengers slammed into a fuel tanker truck. The Pearson Airport collision took place around 1:36 AM this morning and occurred as Flight 8615 was maneuvering back into the gate at Terminal 1.

The flight had initially been on course to fly out of Toronto and land in Sudbury. However, it was forced to turn back to the airport after it became clear that the aircraft would not be able to fly to the city due to poor weather conditions.

According to an emailed statement from the Greater Toronto Airport Authority, the five individuals injured in the incident sustained only minor injuries. An update by the Toronto Star later revealed that the pilot, the co-pilot, a flight attendant and two passengers had been taken to hospital.

"Airport emergency services responded, and passengers and crew evacuated safely and have been moved to Terminal 1," the GTTA detailed to CBC.

"The aircraft and vehicle have been removed and the scene has returned to normal operations. There is no operational impact at the airport," the statement continued.

According to a spokesperson for the GTTA, airport emergency services reacted quickly to the collision, transporting both passengers and crew members to the terminal right away. The tanker truck driver is facing charges, Peel Police told CBC.

According to The Star, only one person remains in hospital. All other passengers have been allowed to leave. Both the aircraft and the tanker have been removed from the scene and normal operations have resumed. There was reportedly no impact on airport operations.

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