It has been a busy afternoon at Pearson Airport. The Toronto airport has reportedly shut down Terminal 3 preventing passengers from being processed on US-bound flights. Pearson Airport passengers were quickly relocated as Peel Regional Police closed a section of the terminal and began their investigation.

As of 1:49 PM on Thursday, the terminal was re-opened and the police have announced that there is no longer a concern for public safety, according to a breaking update by CP24. Passengers are still being warned of delays as a result of the earlier closures.

It was reported that parts of Terminal 3 had been shut due to a suspicious package which was reportedly found in the terminal. According to CBC, police arrived at the airport just after 12 PM with a bomb squad in tow, ready to investigate the threat.

According to a more detailed report released by CP24, officers arrived at Terminal 3 at 12:12 PM after responding to a report about an unattended bag in the area. Parts of the airport were then evacuated due to the suspicious bag. The bomb squad was reportedly sent in to investigate the bag.

Passenger processing has stopped in Terminal 3 for US-bound flights. Passenger are being relocated due to an ongoing investigation by Peel Regional Police. Further updates to follow.

"Terminal #3 has been re-opened," Peel Regional Police tweeted out just after 2:00 PM. "The problem has been resolved, no concern for public safety."

According to Pearson Airport, the incident prevented passengers from being processed in the terminal for numerous US-bound flights. The threat has now been cleared, and passengers are currently being processed. However, travellers are now being warned that there could be delays as the airport fights to get operations back on track.

Much of the details about the unattanded bag and its owner remain unknown at this time. Further updates will likely be provided by authorities as the situation continues to unfold, but for now, the event remains a mystery.

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