A team of officers are being praised after saving the life of a 7-year-old boy. On Friday, Peel Regional Police were called to the scene after receiving reports of a child hanging out of an apartment window. Officers were able to get up to the 6th floor and save the boy before he fell. 

According to Peel Police, on Friday evening, the boy was playing near the open window before he slipped out. 

When his mother heard him call for help, she was able to grab a hold of him but was unable to pull him up. 

Police arrived at the apartment building near Erindale Station Road and Dundas Street West and were forced to smash down the door to the residence and a window in order to retrieve the boy. 

According to CTV News, it was a move that couldn’t have come a moment sooner, as the mother reportedly screamed at the officers that her child’s shirt was beginning to rip.

The boy and mother were both unharmed but two of the officers suffered injuries after smashing a window to help leverage the child to safety.

The four officers involved in the rescue were later praised for their heroic actions.

Deputy Chief Mark Andrews honoured the team by identifying the men and sharing a photo of them standing together.

“Cst. Ihor Palchynskyy, Cst. Alvin Bailey, Sgt. Shaun Stanley and Cst. Martin Boreczek prevented a seven-year-old boy from falling out of the sixth-floor window of an apartment unit,” Andrews tweeted out.

“Let’s give some big props to the child’s mother. She fought to save her child’s life until the community could rally around her and get police on scene to help. Great work by all to bring this event to a positive resolution," he added.

This isn't the first time officers have had to do some quick thinking.

Toronto police were forced to come to the rescue of a man in Lake Ontario back in July.

The partygoer became stranded on a floatie in waters near Woodbine Beach.

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