Ontarians woke up to quite an unsettling emergency alert about Pickering's nuclear power plant early on Sunday morning. The message, which urged anyone within a 10-kilometre radius to take protective measures, turned out to be a false alarm. The Pickering nuclear alarm is currently being investigated, yet those on Twitter couldn't help but start making memes about the accidental incident. 

Although the situation's aftermath is having us all laugh in relief, the reality is that Ontario Power Generation is taking this very seriously.

In the event of an actual emergency, false alarms such as this one could devalue the severity of an actual alert.

The false alarm message was sent to users at 7:25 a.m. on Sunday morning, according to CP24

A follow-up message was sent over an hour later, at around 9:11 a.m., stating that there was no danger and that people did not need to take precautions.

Ontario Power Generation did send out a tweet at 8:06 a.m. stating that there had been a false alarm.

The text was sent out to everyone in Ontario instead of only those people within the "danger zone", prompting an early and unsettling wake up call for people across the province. 

Although the investigation is still underway, Ontario Solicitor General Sylvia Jones has said that Ontario Power Generation had nothing to do with the text that people received, CTV News reports. 

Provincial Emergency Operations Centre somehow sent it out while performing a routine training exercise.

It was sent out through the live system instead of the test system, according to Jones. 

Of course, once Ontarians were aware that the alert was sent out by mistake, memes of the incident started to flood through Twitter. 

It seems that the Simpsons seem to be the centre of attention as many are sharing posts about Homer Simpson sleeping at the control centre. 

Despite the memes, the government is still investigating the issue. 

"The Government of Ontario sincerely apologizes for raising public concern and has begun a full investigation to determine how this error happened and will take the appropriate steps to ensure this doesn't happen again," Jones said in a statement.

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