Canadians will have to find somewhere else to get furry friends from. Puppies from Ukraine won't be allowed to come into the country anymore if they're under a certain age. This comes after dozens were found dead on a flight that landed in Toronto recently, sparking an investigation.

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency has decided to stop all permits that allow for puppies under eight months old to be imported from Ukraine for commercial reasons.

So, as of July 6, no new permits will be issued for those purposes. 

This strict change was made after the Canadian Food Inspection Agency investigated a large shipment of puppies that came from the eastern European country back in June.

When the plane that was carrying the animals landed in Toronto, an inspection was done and dozens of the little animals were found dead.

The investigation into that incident revealed possible failures to comply with import requirements that include animal welfare concerns.

Now, this new ban on commercial puppy imports from Ukraine will stay in place until it can be proven that import conditions and transport standards are in place.

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency also needs to be satisfied that the furry friends will travel safely in the future.

On June 13, the shipment of puppies from Ukraine that led to the investigation and the ban arrived at Pearson International Airport.

There were 500 French bulldogs onboard the Ukraine International Airlines flight.

When the inspection was done, 38 were found dead and more were sick.

It's unknown exactly why the puppies died or got sick.

The airline posted a statement on Facebook after the incident happened.

"UIA is working with local authorities to determine what happened and to make any changes necessary to prevent such a situation from occurring again," the statement said.

Recently Canadians were reunited with their dogs that they had to leave behind in China when they came back because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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