If you're someone who parks on Queen St. you might want to beware as Toronto police have been cracking down on illegally parked cars. In fact, 1,818 illegally parked vehicles got ticketed in the past month and a half on the popular Toronto street. The Queen St. towing pilot project was a 6-week initiative aimed to decongest Queen St., which has seen a spike in illegally parked cars. 

From October 7 to November 15, 426 cars were towed to nearby side streets to get them out of the way, according to the Toronto Police, while 66 vehicles were released on the scene.

Toronto Police have also confirmed that the project saw a "71% increase in ticketed parking violations and a 56% increase in vehicle relocations during the 2019 project versus the same period in 2018."

The project seems to have been a success considering how many people were busted for illegally congesting the street.

The project spanned east to west all the way from Fallingbrook Rd. (near Victoria Park) to Roncesvalles Ave. 

Toronto's website states that we could see this project on other streets in the future in order to clear the roads. 

The people whose cars were towed did not have to pay the towing fee since it was waived by the city.

Toronto's website has referred to it as a "friendly tow" as the city had an $80,000 budget for this project.

Although the towing fees were waived, people still got parking violation notices. 

The policing of Queen St. for this initiative was only in effect during afternoon rush hour in the city. 

This has been a controversial project because of the amount of money spent on it and the waived fees.

One user even stating, "I have thought about it for a few days and I still cannot begin to understand why the City is waiving the towing fee for cars blocking Queen Street during this pilot."

One officer took to Twitter to try and explain the logic behind the free charge stating, "The fee charged to the offender is usually collected at the tow pound. There is a well established process for doing that. We have no process not a mechanism to use (yet) to collect the fee from the owner of the towed vehicle if they get it on the street."

However, others were thrilled by the plan. One user stating, "Do it every day!" While another stated, "It's awesome!" 

Controversial or not, it looks like the city still got a lot of work done with this pilot.

We will have to stay tuned to see if they will expand it to other congested streets in the city. 

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