TTC streetcars are back in action after almost three days of being out of service. The Queen streetcars are now moving along the road again. Even though the mysterious brake damage remains, streetcars were given the green light to go on Queen Street again on November 30.

Early in the morning on November 30, the TTC announced that streetcar service had resumed on Queen St. after the transit vehicles were taken out of service on November 27 because of brake damage. Streecars had been taken off the road for almost 72 hours while the TTC investigated possible causes. 

Service was believed to not resume until Monday morning but it looks like the TTC actually came through for once and the streetcars about back out there earlier than expected.

"Crews have completed the necessary inspections along the entire route," the TTC said in a tweet.

According to CP24, the source of the damage is still unclear but the TTC determined that there are no safety concerns along the route so service has resumed. 

While the streetcars were out of commission, about 80 buses were servicing the route so that transit riders could still move along Queen St and even though some enjoyed the bus service, streetcars are back.

On November 27, streetcars were pulled from the Queen St. route because brake damage mysteriously appeared in more than two dozen vehicles.

Streetcars on the 501 and 508 routes were replaced with buses at around noon on that day because of damage found that was affecting the emergency braking system on 25 different low-floor streetcars.

Less than a week before this service disruption, the TTC announced that it would be retiring all of its older streetcars by December 29. 

With stuff like this happening, that change can't come soon enough for commuters looking for a smooth ride.

Since the damage was discovered and streetcars were taken out of service, the TTC spent days inspecting the entire rout using a special streetcar with cameras in its wheel to look for any debris or issues with the track that could've caused this damaged.

"We did a day of analysis and two days of test runs," said Stuart Green, TTC media relations spokesperson, in a tweet.

Even though there are still no concrete answers as to why this happened, the road has been deemed safe for streetcar use.

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