Last night was and will forever be one of the city's most memorable. Crowds of Raptors fans rushed into the streets to celebrate the team's historic championship win. A series of videos shot by Canadian photographer Toby Guu perfectly capture the moments of pure Raptors fandom insanity that rocked Toronto all night. 

The scene was mesmerizing. Thousands of Raptors fans filled Yonge-Dundas Square, and the energy in the city was palpable. A mass of people climbed on top of a bus, cheering and waving to partying onlookers.

Other fans climbed onto lamp posts and traffic lights.  Fireworks erupted, fans screamed at the top of their lungs and car horns continuously honked. It almost doesn't look like real life!

The sea of screaming fans looks like something out of a dream.

This time-lapse from CityNews shows you just how quickly Yonge-Dundas Square got busy!

So. Many. People.

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