It has not been a good week for Raptors fans. A new video shows Raptors fans heckling Stephen Curry's parents yesterday as they exited a van at the entrance of the team's hotel in downtown Toronto. Between this new incident, the crowd at Scotiabank Arena celebrating Kevin Durant's injury Monday night, and a Warriors fan getting sucker-punched in the street, Raptors fans are quickly tarnishing their pristine reputation of being polite.

The video posted by The Render on Tuesday afternoon depicts Sonya and Dell Curry outside the St. Regis Hotel in Toronto.  Sonya gets up from her seat, points toward the crowd and yells back. She and her husband, a former Raptors star, walk to the hotel's entrance.

"F*** you" to both Dell and Sonya Curry can be heard as they exit the vehicle.  Based on the footage, Dell refuses to acknowledge the hecklers, but Steph's mom made it clear to onlookers that she wasn't going to tolerate the disrespect.

In the midst of the chaos, one man can be heard shouting out to Dell, "Dell, you’re the best, Dell! Don’t even listen to these guys."

Stephen Curry was once a resident of Toronto, and even attended middle school in the area. He lived with his parents and two younger siblings in the city for a duration of 18 months, after Dell Curry signed with the Raptors in August of 1999.

Fans on social media seem to be getting fed up with Toronto fans' antics. They have been reaching out to Stephen Curry on social media, saying that the hecklers are making Raptors fans look bad.

When fans demonstrate poor sportsmanship, we're not doing our city any favours. Let's clean up our act, Toronto!

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