Canadians are still celebrating the Raptors' championship victory, but some fans have already started to think about next season and Kawhi's future in Toronto. One hilarious fan, who has been named Plant Guy after going viral last week, even attempted to keep Kawahi on the team by gifting him a leafy housewarming present. Now, as the Raptors Parade is finally underway, another 'Plant Guy' is wandering around the parade with a housewarming plant for Kawhi. 

Last week, a Raptors fan went viral after he was spotted by a Global News reporter wandering around the streets of downtown with a potted shrub in his hands. When asked what he was carrying he replied, "It's a housewarming gift for Kawhi. He's staying!"

Even though Kawhi and the rest of the team were celebrating their victory in Oakland, California that night, Plant Guy was determined to find Kawhi. He couldn't stop asking if anyone had seen him so that he give him the housewarming present that would get him to stay in Toronto. 

After the video went viral, fans were expecting to see Plant Guy at the parade today. Instead, many fans have been spotting a Plant Guy copycat in the crowds, carrying around a similar shrub for the Raptors' MVP. 

Some are calling him an imposter, while others are deeming him 'Plant Guy 2.0'. Since early this morning, this copycat Plant Guy has been spotted wandering through the crowds around Nathan Phillips Square. 

While the parade is currently underway, it is still unclear if he will be any more successful than the original Plant Guy. Fans are eagerly waiting to see if he will be able to deliver his plant to Kawhi, or if it will be left abandoned on the side of the street like the original plant was found. 

Plant Guy 2.0 isn't the only copycat that Raptors fans have spotted while waiting for the parade to start. A Kawhi Leonard look-alike was spotted downtown today taking photos and signing autographs for fans. 

While he does look almost identical to the basketball superstar, Kawhi can be spotted on one of the double-decker buses that will be making it through the parade route this morning. Here's what the real Kawhi is up to:


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