A man is being fined nearly $3,000 by Transport Canada for flying his drone over the Raptors' NBA Championship game and then again four days later at the victory parade. The unidentified person has been fined for 11 violations of the Canadian Aviation Regulations. The Raptors parade drone was unregistered and the pilot did not have a drone pilot certification. 

"Operating a drone in Canadian airspace is a regulated activity and the department will enforce the regulations to ensure compliance. The safety of Canadians is our number one priority," said Transport Minister Marc Garneau in a news release. 

The drone in question was flown on the night of June 13 after the Game 6 win and then again on June 17 during the daytime parade. 

CBC reached out to Toby Gu, the local videographer who created those epic drone videos of Raptors fans celebrating in the streets. "I suspect the fine is meant for me but I have not been served with anything," Gu said. At the time, he told CBC that he did not believe he was putting anyone in danger by shooting the videos.


Transport Canada's drone regulations came into effect June 1, 2019.  You must now nave a drone pilot certificate for all remotely piloted aircraft weighing more than 250 grams and less than 25 kilograms. You must also register the drone. 


The guy was fined for offences such as steering the drone within 30 metres of another person and operating the drone through the controlled airspace of Toronto's skyscraper canyons, which are three nautical miles from an airport.

The guy allegedly got double fined for each offence because he flew the drone twice. Each violation penalty is between $250 and $500 dollars.

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